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What are We doing to prevent junk email (Spam)?

1. We block email with certain keywords that are commonly found in spam in both the subject and body.
2. We block email with headers that identify the email as being created in known spam software.
3. We block repeat spammers by IP address or email address.
4. We use the RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) to mark messages for easy filtering by customers. (Look for this in the header: "X-RBL-Warning:".)
5. We use SpamAssassin to further score and mark messages with additional headers, making it even easier to filter.
6. We've developed easy-to-use optional server-side filters based on SpamAssassin scoring.

how to setup Spam Filters on your account

Warning - spam filters can catch and delete legitimate email messages - use the settings judiciously, and at your own risk. We cannot recreate emails that have been deleted due to filtering.








What can you do to block even more spam from reaching your inbox?

Many popular mail programs come with an option to filter. These filters can be set up to send email from a specific address to a folder of your choice, including the trash. If you don't see instructions listed below for your email program, please consult your email client documentation for more information on how to set up filters.

We have also had good luck using the Spamnet program by Cloudmark - this software runs on your machine, and acts as a next level filter for your junk email

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