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Outlook Express

1 - Open Outlook Express.

2 - Click [Tools] and select accounts.

3 - Click [Add] and select [Mail].

4 - In the field labeled [Display Name], type in the name you wish to appear on your outgoing email messages.

5 - Click [Next].

6 - In the field labeled [E-mail Address], type your email address

7 - Click [Next].

8 - In the field labeled [Incoming mail [POP3, IMAP, or HTTP] server:], type your domain name.

9 - In the field labeled [Outgoing mail [SMTP] server:], type your domain name.

10 - Click [Next].

11 - In the [Account Name] field, type your account name.

12 - In the [Password] field, type the password for your account.

13 - Click [Finish].

14 - Highlight the mail account you have just setup and click Properties.

15 - Click on the Servers tab, and Click on the “My server requires authentication” button.

16 – Click on the OK Button, and then close the Accounts screen.

17 - Click on [Tools] go to [Send and Receive], and select [Send and Receive All].

18 – To test your account, you can send yourself an email. This will test that you can both send and receive email messages.

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