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Outlook 2000

Clicking on the [Start] button, go to [Programs] and select [Microsoft Outlook].
Click [Tools] and select [Accounts].*

Click [Add] and select [Mail].

In the field labeled [Display Name], type in the name you wish to appear on your outgoing email messages. Click [Next].

In the field labeled [E-mail Address], type your email address. Click [Next].

In the field labeled [Incoming mail [POP3 or IMAP] server:], type your domain name.
In the field labeled [Outgoing mail [SMTP] server:], type your domain name. Click [Next].

In the [Account Name] field, type your account name.
In the [Password] field, type the password for your account.
Click [Next].

Select [I will establish my internet connection manually], then click [Next].

Click [Finish], then click [Close]

Highlight the new account you have just created. Click on the Properties button.

Choose the Servers tab, and mark the button marked “My server requires authentication. Click the OK button and close the Accounts window.

Click on [Tools] and select [Send/Receive].
You can easily test your account by sending yourself an email message. This will test your ability to send and receive messages.

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