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  1. Domain Name-
    This is your Web Address (i.e. www.yourname.com) also known as your URL or Uniform Resource Locator. This is the address people type in to find your website on the Internet. Obviously you would like to have it as easy for people to remember and type as possible. It is recommended to keep the address to less than 10 or 12 characters, and use words that are easily typed. Double letters, and commonly misspelled words prevent people from finding your website easily.
  1. Your web address breaks down into 3 distinct parts. Each part is separated by a period (in geek lingo, a dot)

    1. WWW stands for World Wide Web and is a very common first part to you address, though you can have others.
    2. The second part is the most worrisome, the name that people need. Preferably you can get your name right into the address, though with the growth of the internet, many of the most common are already taken.
    3. And last is your domain identifier. The most common “Top Level” domain extensions are .com for commercial businesses; .org for non-profit companies; .net for Internet providers; .edu for education; and .gov for US government entities. There are a variety of others, however they typically designate an entity/website outside of the US. Examples of this are .uk for the United Kingdom, .to for the Republic of Tongo, and .aus for Australia.

    Domain Names are registered through several different naming agencies for a fee of $35.00 per year with a 2-year minimum. This gives you exclusive rights to that name for the time you pay for, and you get renewal options at the end of each year.

  2. Website Design-
    Web site design costs can go from the “Do-It-Yourself Web Page”, to thousands of dollars in custom programming and design. This is really dictated by what the purpose of your website is, and how much and what you want your website to do. This is probably the hardest part of the getting a site on the web. A Web designer can charge by the hour, or by the project. Hourly and project rates are based on the complexity of the design work.

  3. Monthly Hosting-
    This is the cost to have your web page appear on the Internet. It typically resides within a specialized Internet Web Server. This company will have a high-speed connection to the Internet, and takes care of any maintenance involved with that equipment. Internet providers vary in cost based on what services they are providing. Services such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Mail, and filtering, may or may not be included, or may be available for an additional charge. These services may or may not be necessary for your website, so consider these into the costs of service. You need to look for what is supported by your Hosting provider. Support for Microsoft FrontPage extensions, CGI scripts, and Java scripts need to be considered based on what is being designed into your web page. You must also consider how much storage space you are allowed to have for your site. Graphic files, music, moving pictures and other multimedia files take exponentially more file space than does text, but 10 Megs should be a great start for most pages. In addition, the old adage, "you get what you pay for" certainly rings true. There are many companies offering "Free" hosting for your web pages. These companies often make money by placing advertising on your web page. These ads are not under your control whatsoever, and may contain competitive products, offensive ads, or even pornography.

    It is very possible for you to have your own web server, however along with that comes costs such as, the price of equipment, the monthly fees for high bandwidth internet connections, and the maintenance that comes with the equipment as well as computer programs required to run those machines. Consider what your site is worth to you to have it up 24/7/365. This type of connectivity is almost impossible outside a dedicated hosting center.

  4. Maintenance-
    This is the charge for any additions, subtractions, changes, etc to your page. The way your page is designed will dictate how complex making changes are. You may be able to do maintenance yourself, but keeping your page up to date with information can be simple, or extremely complex.

  5. Marketing-
    A very common question is how do people find my site in Search Engines such as Yahoo, or Google. The answer to that is an extremely complex equation of differing methods of "Search Engine Submission." Each individual search engine (there are over 1300, of which 12 - 15 make up 85-90 percent of what is used) operates in their own way. Some allow you to submit your site for their review and placement, others will allow you to purchase spots for high rankings, others require "clicks" to increase your ranking. This can be done internally, realizing the sheer amount of time and effort involved. If you require high placement in search engines, please allow us to consult with you to determine the best course of action for your particular needs.

Web Hosting

We offer multiple hosting packages to meet your needs:

Package Name Gold Silver Bronze Email Only Custom
Web Space 100 MB 50 MB 25 MB 0 Unlimited
Email Boxes 15 10 5 10 Unlimited
Price* $35 $25 $15 $10 Email for Quote

*Price is based on Annual prepayment, for Monthly billings, add $5 per month to the price. Email only packages are only available with annual prepayment.

All packages require a $35/one-time setup fee for each domain name configured

Domain Names -

$10 per year + a one-time $10 registrar fee. - This represents a $25/year savings over Network Solutions.

Please use this tool to verify if the domain name you like is available.

InterNIC Database Query
Use the following form to perform a query exclusively on the InterNIC database (which includes the ".com", ".net", and ".org" top level domain names). Not only can you determine whether a domain name you desire is already in use, but you can find contact names, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, and telephone numbers. Simply enter the appropriate identifier (such as a domain name, NIC handle, etc) in the entry field below and select the "Query" button.
The default action (unless directed otherwise by entering a specific domain name or NIC handle), is to do a very broad search, looking for matches in all types of records and most fields (name, nickname, hostname, net address, etc) in the database. For more information, enter "help" in the entry field above and select the "Query" button.


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